Tuesday, January 19

Flattery Will Get You Headbutted

During a polite conversation with a female, the following was said to me:

"You know you could be completely hideous, but you'd still be good looking because you're so funny."


I suppose a healthy reaction to this would be to feel warm inside because someone thinks I am so funny that it could dampen the stomach turning effects of grotesque facial features. I like when people think I am funny. Being told so would normally cause me to feel so good that my loins would fatten pride, but in this case I feel no such swelling.

I will now list other compliments I feel are on the same level as this one.

"You are such a snappy dresser that it weakens your stench a bit."
"I have such a good time talking to you that I don't even want to have sex."
"You remind me of a super intelligent chimpanzee."
"I have to tell you that ever since all of my friends, my entire family and half my facebook list died in that Volcano, you are my favorite person"
"When you consider how little people thought of you in High School, its pretty amazing you've done as much as you have."

If we didn't have free pancakes in the morning I would be out ze door.


Jay Ferris said...

It's great posts like this one that almost make me forget how 3/4 of your face is covered with knobby facial moles.

Extra Ordinary Me said...

HAHA! It's amazing how frequently people compliment in this fashion.

(Hi Ryan, How are ya?)